Cancellation Policy

Due to your preferences, Supervipme accepts all requests for cancellation from our customers. However, there are some notifications that you must pay attention to: 

When can I cancel my order? 

  • At the time when we receive your order confirmation, we will start preparing your purchase right away. We are really sorry that changing products in your order is not acceptable. You will have a period of time to cancel your purchase before we start processing and shipping. You are able to cancel your order and make another purchase if you want within 3 hours from the time you have completed your cart. After that time frame, we are unable to process the cancellation request. 

How can I cancel my order? 

  • To cancel your purchase, please send us your cancellation request via {email:}. When you send us an email about your cancellation request, your order ID must be included in the subject line, in order to help our Customer Service Staff identify and receive it more quickly.
  • Once we receive your request, we will send you an email including cancellation details when your items are successfully canceled. We will not charge you any fees when canceling the purchase and will get a full refund of your order afterward. Up to 7 days, your refund will show in your account due to your bank's processing time.